April 30,1836

On Thursday, 28th inst. Mr John Clawges, sen- in the 84th year of his age died.


On the 11th inst. Albert, son of Philip s. and Mary Clawges, age 14 years.

October 26, 1836

On Monday, 21th inst. in the 73d year of age, Mrs Mary Clawges, wife of Daniel Clawges died.

May 14,1838

On the 12 th inst. Mr Daniel Clawges, in the 78th year of his age died.

August 26,1841

At Germantown, on the 23d inst., in the 88th year of her age, Mrs Rosanna Clawges, relict of the late John Clawges, formerly of this city died.

October 10,1842 Married

On the 15th ult., at Elizabethtown, Lancaster co. Pa., by the Rev. John Edwards, Mr George M Clawges, of Marietta, to Mrs Elizabeth Brown, of the former place.

January 29,1846

On the 27th inst, Mary Gertrude, infant daughter of Philip S and Mary Clawges died.

February 19,1846

On the 17th inst, Philip Rutter, infant son of Philip S and Mary Clawges died.

July 8, 1848 Married

At Carlisle, on Tuesday, 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Wing, W.C. Johnston, of Springfield, Illinois, to Catharine E., daughter of John Clawges, of Philad.

March 1,1851

On the morning of the 28th ult., Mr John Clawges in the 75 th year of his age died.

March 7,1853 Married

On the 4th inst. by Ald, John Apple, Mr Chas. Clawges, to Miss Magdalena Sowers, both of Spring Garden, in the county of Philada.

September 15,1855 Married

On the 15th inst., by Rev. George M. Clawges, Mr William H Fox to Sarah, daughter of the late John Clawges, Esq.

March 12,1857 Married

On the 27th January, 1857, by Rev. John Chambers, Charles H Willits to Fannie C., daughter of the late Philip S Clawges, ( Canton, OH, papers please copy)

August 2,1862 Married

On the 2d January, 1862 ,by the Rev. John T. Wainwright, Mr John S Clawges to Mary F, youngest daughter of Wm Lees, Esq, of this city. ( Baltimore and Ohio papers please copy).

The following information was provided by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The indexes for 1836-1870 and films of the newspaper are available at thier facility.